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Contests are a great approach to engaging your customers on Facebook. They’re so good because they reward your loyal customers and create a feeling of excitement. It increases their engagement because they will keep checking your Facebook page to see if they won the contest they participated in.


Facebook allows you to organize different types of business contests. Only select the one that you feel your fans will enjoy. You can also combine a few types, from direct sweepstakes to challenging contests, to engage your audience in ways that will create value to your business.

You can structure contests depending on the type of business you run as well as interests of your audience. Contests with the ‘Vote to Win’ approaches might generate likes, but will have fewer comments in comparison to challenging ones that ask your fans to include a tagline.

Growth of Your Fan Base

Notice that one of the benefits that these Facebook contests will have on your business is an increase in the number of fans. You need to give away a prize that will interest potential customers so that it drives more people to your page. The more you interest your fans, the more they will spread the word of mouth about your business. Consequently, your fan base will grow.

Product Promotion

During some times of the year, your business will have new products to showcase. You can use Facebook contests to generate buzz about it. Your fans will be excited to be the first to know about a new product, and you’ll learn how much interest there really is in the product. Contests will be a good way of communicating to your fans (and their fans) about the new product or even to promote an older one. The contest will only have one winner, but your business will see how valuable the contests are when it comes to promoting products.

Further Engagement

Having an active contest on Facebook is another opportunity for you to engage existing fans and draw a new fan base. One way of doing this is to use it as a jumping off-point publicly on your Facebook wall. Discuss interesting topics with your fans, ensuring that you take, or spin, their suggestions positively. When you maintain a conversation on Facebook, it gives a fresh picture of your brand in the minds of your fans. It will encourage them to come back and to refer their friends to your company.

Facebook contests are one great way to drive engagement with your fans online. Try it today!  We can help with your project management and more just give us a call 513-334-7299

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