Mobile apps for small businesses – Are they needed?

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Mobile apps on smartphone

Gone are the days when apps used in small businesses were a branding exercise. Most of the successful business owners and managers have become wise and are using these mobile apps to increase their marketing power.

In today’s rapid technological advancements, an intuitive, user-friendly app adds to a brand’s popularity. These simple apps make online purchases easier because of the quick access to information. The advantages of using mobile apps for businesses, regardless of their size and type, are undeniable and every small business requires mobile apps for it to remain competitive and be noticed in the market.

Why your business needs this app

Several years ago, getting a custom app developed for businesses was a costly affair. That’s probably the reason most businesses did not have mobile apps for their customers to use. However, software development has changed the way companies conduct their business. Software kits now available make it possible for people without coding or IT skills to come up with functional apps for their small businesses.

As more subscribers continue to use social media, they also become more open to brand engagement. As a business owner, it is the best time to make your brands visible using the apps that every internet user is fond of.

Be active online

As a business owner, you have to understand that only having a website is not enough to boost the productivity and awareness of your brand. You need to beef it up with applications that increase your online activity. Mobile apps are the best way to increase your online presence. Shift your business activities to the smartphone by developing apps that excite your customers. Mobile apps are important marketing tools that your business should no longer stay without.

 Mobile geo-targets

These are mobile apps that will enable you to target customers form specific locations and send them specific messages using mobile apps. Businesses that integrate this technology into mobile apps can send messages explaining specific offers to customers within a specific region. For instance, if a business has a store near a university, they can send messages showing the various special offers that the university students and faculty can buy. You get to connect with potential customers near your business.

Mobile loyalty programs

A mobile app that tracks the purchase habits or trends of your customers can help boost productivity. This happens when the mobile app that you use in your business targets existing customers. For instance, you can get a mobile app where customers download it to gain access to different deals and special offers only available for those with the app.

Such an app becomes more effective if it can survey your customers’ needs in order to understand the reward systems that they prefer. This app obtains important customer information that improves your business as well as makes your customers feel valued. It boosts client engagement and at the same time enhances your revenue.

Mobile apps as reminders and schedulers

Is your business in the service industry, such as hair dressing or exercise studio? Then get an app that enables your target audience to book appointments or classes using their gadgets. You can use text messages to confirm to your customers that their appointments have been successfully scheduled or send reminders when their appointments are almost due.

Mobile payments

Paying using a mobile phone is one of the most convenient ways of shopping. As a business, this app makes it easier for your customers to make purchases.

Again, customers would be lured into buying more products if they pay using the mobile app than when they have to use cash. Your business should also allow customers to swipe their credit cards and manage their statements by phone, just that easily. Your business will be better placed because customers want the systems that spare their time; a mobile payment app will do this.

Collaboration and communication

Communication is crucial for every business. Apps that boost collaboration and communication with your customers make it easier for you to know what your customers want from your brands. Have mobile apps that keep customers connected wherever they are. For instance, if they wish to make an online purchase where your business delivers the product at their doorstep, ensure free flowing information. The best way to do so is through mobile apps.

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