New to FB’s Boosted Posts? Heed These Key Social Media Marketing Tips

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You might be surprised to know that brands spent as much as $15 billion on digitals ads just last year. Moreover, a significant percentage of this amount was spent on Facebook’s boosted-ads platform. If you want to get in on the game, follow some beginners’ tips.

Add Gasoline to the Fire

This is just an analogy, of course, but a very apt one. Simply put, take a look at your current published posts and see which ones have performed the best organically. These are the gems that deserve more exposure; so, invest a couple of dollars in boosting them. They’re also an incredibly safe bet: People loved them the first time around, proving their worthiness and ability to gain even more likes, shares, and comments.

Don’t Forget Location

There’s a reason why social media is an ideal marketing tool for small local businesses: they allow you incredible flexibility when it comes to geo-targeting your audience. That’s right, you can boost your ads so that only people in your service areas can see them. However, try to experiment with the geo-targeting feature until you find the right balance—if too refined, then not enough people will see your ad; if too broad, then the cost of boosting skyrockets.

Target by Interest

Did you know that you can now target ads according to interests? If you are a bookstore, target your ads to people who have already liked other national or local bookstores. Just begin typing in their name and Facebook will usually provide you with suggestions. The idea is that if people have already expressed interest in your industry by liking other brands in it, they’re likely to like your page and posts as well. Don’t forget to target other related interests as well, such as literature, specific authors, and the like.

Always Monitor and Adjust

The great thing about Facebook’s boosted ads is that you can always tweak things as you see fit. For instance, if a certain ad is underperforming, try tweaking the audience set or the geo-targeting. You can also try including other interests to ensure that your ad is seen by the right eyes. It’s good practice to monitor the “health” of your ads every 24 hours to ensure that you’re spending your ad budget wisely.

Facebook’s boosting system is truly one of the most cost-efficient advertising platforms available to brands these days. If you need help setting up your ads or tracking their results, remember that you can always hire a Cincinnati social media marketing firm to do it for you.


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