Reasons for a Drop in Search Ranking and How Your SEO Company Can Save The Day

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Achieving a high search results ranking is good for your business. Existing customers gain easy access to your site while potential ones find your business the moment they search for the products or services you offer. All of this can lead to better customer relationships and higher traffic, which generates leads and conversions (i.e, sales).

However, you cannot be guaranteed of staying on top of the list. A drop in ranking is possible, especially if you become too complacent and forget about the constant changes search engines adopt. When your ranking plummets, so do your sales. In case this happens, you need to find the source of the drop immediately.

Outdated Keyword Strategy

The way customers search online continuously changes. Consequently, relevant keywords for your business can change. If you’re only tracking generic keywords and not comprehending the shift in “natural language” when people search and type, then your keyword strategy needs updating. You have to determine the new set of keywords and terms people use. Then, adjust your plan accordingly. Otherwise, your ranking will continue to fizzle.

New Website Design

A website design enhancement is good for your business, though it can have an effect your rankings. Even if you have prepared for the launch of the new website, expect your ranking to drop temporarily. To control the drop, it’s best to implement a 301 redirect plan. Also, make sure that the new site is well optimized before launching it. Google can then recognize it immediately. If minimized and addressed properly, your drop in ranking will recover within one to two months.

Poor Links

There was a time when businesses bought thousands of links at an affordable price. The goal was to enhance the website’s presence through links that can point potential clients to them. A problem arose when Google started recognizing these low-quality links as search engine spamming. To ensure that only credible websites rise to the top, Google targets those with poor links. If your website’s ranking is dropping because of this, you need to get rid of all your extraneous or unnatural links fast.

It’s not so easy to boost your website ranking, let alone stay on top of the rankings. A Cincinnati SEO company can help you retain your hold. You just have to find a reliable and experienced company who understands the ins and outs of your market audience and your industry. Once you find one, establish a team approach to ensure that you are always on the same page when it comes to the goals of the website.


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