The Steady Rise of Social Media Marketing and Its Positive Effects on Local Businesses

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From starting out as a mere online entertainment tool, social media marketing (SMM) has become one of the most effective and dependable ways of promoting a local product or service.

This declaration is not far from the truth, as recent statistics showed that 78% of consumers are greatly influenced by what they see on social media when they are shopping online. This number has also caused an impact on the amount invested by U.S. companies in social media marketing. Indeed, experts forecast a whopping $17.34 billion spent on SMM by 2019.

Connecting with Users

The main purpose of social media sites is to connect users (and subsequently, brands) by sharing content such as news, videos, photos, and messages. With the steady rise in the number of internet users, social media marketing was proven to significantly affect all businesses, regardless of size and nature.


According to statistics published by Social Media Today, 68% of Americans make up the global population that uses Facebook as a platform. For this reason, small businesses in the U.S. see Facebook as the most effective channel in promoting their brand. Aside from Facebook, the platforms Twitter and YouTube also showed unprecedented growth in the number of internet users.

Helps form a friendly connection with both potential and existing customers.

True to its nature, SMM humanizes a company by giving it a friendly face that both potential and existing customers can approach without reservation. It empowers internet users to directly interact with brand names while lending businesses a golden opportunity to educate consumers by posting interesting and useful content.

Drives quality web traffic to your official company website.

Expert digital marketers will tell you that a high volume of sales leads is the main indicator of an effective company website. To do this, you first need to drive considerable web traffic your way. For companies who cannot afford to establish and maintain a company website, social media marketing provides an easier way to create consumer brand awareness.

Though setting up a social media profile is easy, it’s still important to publish interesting content that encourages visitors to read and share it with their friends, thus expanding your brand’s visibility. Most businesses have a designated social media manager to help run and maintain their accounts.

Gives instant customer feedback.

The friendly nature of social media platforms encourages consumers to issue candid and instant feedback based on their experience in using the company’s products or services. Social media allows businesses to monitor consumer feedback in real time, giving the company an opportunity to strategize on how to improve customer experience.

Social media marketing gives small businesses a quick way to promote their brands, interact with customers, and strategize on ways to further improve and expand their number of customers. 

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