Try these Fun and Engaging Content Ideas for Your Social Media Marketing

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It’s normal to run out of ideas on what to post on your business’s social media page. After all, you have to do it everyday. However, it doesn’t mean you should stop posting. Ideas are everywhere once you put on your creativity hat. Just remember two things: fun and engaging.

Your social media page is all about bringing your business closer to your audience. One way is to start a conversation and show your establishment’s human side. You can achieve this through posts that prompt likes, comments, or shares.

Unusual Holidays

Did you know that almost everyday is a holiday? Believe it or not, a calendar that shows the most unusual holidays could be a treasure chest for content ideas when it comes to your business’ website. For instance, you can create a post celebrating “Name Yourself Day,” which occurs every April 9. Simply ask your audience to participate in naming the day. It’s simple and fun, yet it piques your audience’s natural curiosity.

An almost endless array of similar trivia-based engagements await your website posts—many that relate to your market audience’s special interests. But don’t forget to place a call to action at the end of your posts—a short form to fill out or directions on how to complete a purchase.

Engaging Online Activities

A wide range of tactics serve as a catalyst for comments or responses. An intriguing question works. For example, if you are in the travel agency business, ask which destinations top your audience’s bucket lists. Using a creative and compelling visual can further prompt your viewers to respond.

The same goes for “fill in the blank” posts. Write a sentence and ask your audience to complete it. This can educate you about the type of persons who view your site. You can then better target your content to their interests.

Want another fun idea? Try a “caption this photo” game. By posting unusual and humorous photos, then asking your audience to concoct a caption, you can stir their creative side and engage them in your site. You can even offer a prize for the person who can write the best caption.

The Method Behind the Fun

In general, your audience first sees you as a company, an impersonal entity. The aim of your social media marketing should therefore personalize your business and demonstrate a sense of humor or fun, but always in a vein that relates to your market audience’s interests or lifestyles. Show photos of some of the people responsible for making your business tick—smiling, fun-loving staff members engaging in an activity. This lends your site that extra touch of personality, bound to rub off on your audience and endear them to your brand.

These are only a few of the millions of ideas to try. Your digital marketing company can help you create a content calendar with many more tactics that reflect your brand’s image and purpose in a fun and engaging way.


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