Want to Optimize Your Company’s Facebook Presence? Listen to a Social Media Marketing Service

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If there is one social media platform demanding your constant vigil, it’s definitely Facebook. This social media behemoth continues to attract millions of users on a daily basis, which is why you must monitor your presence on it constantly. Today, Facebook proves as important as any online platform in terms of marketing your brand, product, or service. It’s all about exposure and engagement.

Already, Facebook users number a staggering two billion globally, making it the largest social media platform ever established with around 76 percent of its users logging in every single day. Of American adult internet users, 79 percent say they use the social media giant.

The key to capitalizing on your company’s presence on Facebook is finding the right combination of strategies. To help out, a social media marketing service points out some useful tools.

Learn How to Shoot a Professional Video

Especially when trying to promote your brand or company, your video content requires a professional and commercial feel. Good lighting and audio, as used by the pros, prove essential to lending a professional feel. After all, videos now account for more than 7 percent of the Facebook network’s entire reach. When a user sees your video on their feed and they find it useful, they tend to share it with their own network of friends and users. Subsequently, your video’s exposure will grow, as will the exposure of your brand.

Set up and Utilize Saved Audiences

Using the saved-audiences feature in Facebook Business Manager can allow you to create a list of custom audiences for anything you might post on your page, whether it’s an article, headline, tagline, caption, video or image. It’s all about targeting the audience most interested in your type of information. The best part? This feature is 100 percent free.

Don’t Forget to Caption Your Multimedia

Keep in mind that Facebook users don’t always click or tap on the sound icon when they view a video on their feed, for whatever reason. In fact, as many as 90 percent of viewers on Facebook prefer to watch videos without sound. This is precisely why captioning is critical. It allows the viewers to get an idea of the message you are trying to convey, even without hearing anything.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make the most out of your Facebook presence. If you think you don’t have time to perform all of these tasks on a regular basis, help is nearby. Contact a social media marketing or digital marketing firm servicing your area. Both your regular business operations and your social media campaigns will benefit from the investment.


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